Here are the first edited excerpts from my public readings for BITE MARKS: A Vampire Testament. I'm still getting the hang of how to shoot and edit these things myself, so the video quality will improve over time.  Watching so much of myself "in performance", seen as others see me, for so long, is an extremely odd experience and will probably end up in a story at some point.  But putting the final footage together is proving more fun than I feared.  I'll try to post a new video each week until I run out.

More chapters from the first of the Vampire Testaments and the second, BLOOD PRESSURE: A Vampire Testament, will be posted here and on YouTube as they are completed, along with questions and answers from readers about the books.

Barnes & Noble, Park Slope - 10/2/2009

Chapter 14 - Baby Finds a New Home

Chapter 59 - Marlowe Meets Adam

Ikea Assembly - LEKSVIK - THE HORROR

BITE MARKS - Book Trailer

8 Responses to Video

  1. Lordroc says:

    Very cool, looks like a good read! Congrats Terence!

  2. Thanks! I like to think so.. ;)

  3. Ed says:

    Watching your readings at B&N, Park Slope, I found you less threatening and more human. The Youtube clips help convey the notion that you are human, not a vampire. Whether that is true or not, I really don’t know.

  4. Only time will tell…but increasing gray hairs give me the impression I am woefully all too human…

  5. Many people claim they are vampire but to me it is hardly to believe. Nothing is immortal.

  6. Jonathan Caleb says:

    If I eat the face of my worst enemy, will it make me (literally) a vampire?

    Jonathan Caleb

  7. Jonathan Caleb says:

    Is it true that vampires never die in old age?

    Jonathan Caleb

  8. Adele Pardo says:

    That was cool but do you believe in Vampires ?

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