Vampiric Encounters

I’ve met people I would call vampires.  I won't name names, though I'd like to, as a warning to others -- but they know who they are, and so do I.

You've met the type.  People who are always so very friendly and happy to see you, but only seem to call you when they need something.  The ones who always walk away from you with more than they came in with, leaving you with less.  You feel tired, exhausted, and they look like they just sprang out of bed after a good night’s sleep.

So what’s up with that?  They may not live forever, they may not stay young forever, but they take something.  I can’t say for sure what it is.  Maybe you can top that.  Maybe you’ve met people who drink blood, only come out at night.  But do they burst into flame in the sun?  Can they survive bullets or stab wounds?  What is a “real” vampire anyway?

You tell me.  Tell everyone.  Let the dialog begin.

60 Responses to Vampiric Encounters

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to meet a vampire I have always been fascinated with them I have so many questions. If anyone is listening and a.REAL vampire post something back. If you aren’t please don’t waist my time sorry I am not meaning to sound rude. It would be awesome to become one but that’s not what I am asking all I am asking is fir answer. Oh and yeah I would so be willing to become one. Please comment back to me.

  2. reko says:

    I don’t knw what u …..I have seen changes in me I feel very strange …..I don’t like people around me ……I cnt sleep …..I dnt knw what it is

  3. Joy says:

    ^Yeah…because the first thing you would do after becoming a vampire is to write on a website…well that makes sense *feeling curious*

  4. Joy says:

    P.S. But if you did turn…please visit me :D

  5. Jwk says:

    So I was in high school..about age 16-18..not sure exactly how old I was..but long story short..had a really crazy dream one this day its affected me big Time. I can remember laying in bed was right below my window in my room…I woke up and looked up at my window and there was a woman…with a pale face…she was the time..I had no feelings really at all. The next morning waking up..getting ready for school..I guess it was on the bus..or not sure when..but it all came back to me..I thought it was a dream..or a nightmare..I had so many crazy uneasy feelings about it..not like any other dream I’ve ever had..anyway..I was at my locker that morning before homeroom..and I began telling a friend about it..when another friend of mine came up to me and proceeded to describe the exact same dream…I mean every detail of the woman’s face..every detail of the way I felt…there’s no possible way he could of known that..I had not said it to anyone else. To this day it still makes me wonder what the hell it was..I’m 40 yrs old now..and never have had any experience like that again..I can’t explain the face..I can just see it still..staring down at me from outside my window. Crazy..I know. Who knows what it was…one thing I know about life..anything is possible.

  6. esmerelda says:

    Listen, I don’t exactly believe in Vampires and id they are real I wouldn’t want to meet one. If they are real they are not like these movies and shows you see on TV. I bet they are evil. They have to be. Im not real religious but I know in the bible it says that there is vampires and werewolves but they are evil. I bet they don’t look human. I am curious though.

  7. Colette says:

    How do you become a vampire?

  8. AD says:

    It always surprises me that so few people who ask to be changed into vampires don’t have better reasons than it just feeling right for them or some health issue or actually using their fashion sense as reason to be turned. I need a word for that that doesn’t sound silly haha. Anywheu, after some truly life altering trips on psychedelics and reading a little about what people experience on drugs like DMT, I’m sooo curious to know if the creatures people report seeing have anything to do with vampires and the supernatural in general. I have to admit that Queen of the Damned got me thinking about that part. I don’t know if that would be offensive to a vampire or not if one exists. I really don’t know how I would react to meeting one. I can tell you one thing, though. It would take a helluva lot more evidence than somebody insisting over the Internet in broken English that they’ve lived for however many hundreds of years and drink blood and blah blah blah. I don’t know what it would take because I don’t know if this sort of creature exists or what traits to look for, but surely there would be a way to make it unquestionably obvious to someone this person wanted to prove it to? Or not. I don’t know. I really don’t know what to say or where I’m going with this, but I am intensely interested in knowing if some form of humanoid vampire exists. What must life be like for them?? Is it like an eternal acid trip, or more like mushrooms? Hahaha! What would these creatures do?? Surely they’d spend their time doing more than just existing idly. Having an eternity to improve my arting akills would be fabulous. Are vampires humanists or inherently nihilistic? Are they advancing technology or trying to make the world a more peaceful and loving place? I imagine several lifetimes of learning and exploring would lead to a deeper sense of empathy and oneness with the universe that I can’t imagine, but what do I know? I’d love to smoke a bowl and talk with a vampire under the stars. Maybe watch Adventure Time and go out to dinner. That’s always fun. Oh! Do vampires fantasize about making people like Carl Sagan immortal? Carl Sagan was a gem. Ah, here’s one of the biggest questions. Would the existence of vampires prove that there is definitely an afterlife for humans? If it’s some sort of mystical process that goes on I would think so. But how mystical can it really be? Is there just some ridiculously advanced technology that just seems like magic to the ignorant that vampires use to make themselves immortal? Do vampires even know??? I guess I’ll leave it at that. If vampires exist, yeah. It would be a dream come true to meet one. I think I’d love it. Well, depending on whether they’re sentient and compassionate and all that good jazz. Thanks for reading to anyone who has!

  9. Sierra says:

    How do I become a vampire?I can’t find any vampires close to where I live to turn me!

  10. Charles Purnell says:

    I don’t think a true vampire would admit it on the web or in person.I believe it is probably against their ancient rules. I wouldn’t do it either if I was them. So many people want to meet or become one for all the wrong reasons. So this world is already filled with that type of vampire. Even if one really exist not only I but many would kill them because of their power. I myself would kill all of them because I envy what they have that I can not

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