Vampiric Encounters

I’ve met people I would call vampires.  I won't name names, though I'd like to, as a warning to others -- but they know who they are, and so do I.

You've met the type.  People who are always so very friendly and happy to see you, but only seem to call you when they need something.  The ones who always walk away from you with more than they came in with, leaving you with less.  You feel tired, exhausted, and they look like they just sprang out of bed after a good night’s sleep.

So what’s up with that?  They may not live forever, they may not stay young forever, but they take something.  I can’t say for sure what it is.  Maybe you can top that.  Maybe you’ve met people who drink blood, only come out at night.  But do they burst into flame in the sun?  Can they survive bullets or stab wounds?  What is a “real” vampire anyway?

You tell me.  Tell everyone.  Let the dialog begin.

52 Responses to Vampiric Encounters

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to meet a vampire I have always been fascinated with them I have so many questions. If anyone is listening and a.REAL vampire post something back. If you aren’t please don’t waist my time sorry I am not meaning to sound rude. It would be awesome to become one but that’s not what I am asking all I am asking is fir answer. Oh and yeah I would so be willing to become one. Please comment back to me.

  2. reko says:

    I don’t knw what u …..I have seen changes in me I feel very strange …..I don’t like people around me ……I cnt sleep …..I dnt knw what it is

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