Vampiric Encounters

I’ve met people I would call vampires.  I won't name names, though I'd like to, as a warning to others -- but they know who they are, and so do I.

You've met the type.  People who are always so very friendly and happy to see you, but only seem to call you when they need something.  The ones who always walk away from you with more than they came in with, leaving you with less.  You feel tired, exhausted, and they look like they just sprang out of bed after a good night’s sleep.

So what’s up with that?  They may not live forever, they may not stay young forever, but they take something.  I can’t say for sure what it is.  Maybe you can top that.  Maybe you’ve met people who drink blood, only come out at night.  But do they burst into flame in the sun?  Can they survive bullets or stab wounds?  What is a “real” vampire anyway?

You tell me.  Tell everyone.  Let the dialog begin.

60 Responses to Vampiric Encounters

  1. Severin says:

    Well, I haven’t had any encounters with what I’d consider vampires, but I did once meet a girl who had once thought she was one and drank her own blood. My guess is that it was probably something like Renfield’s syndrome or something, but anyway.

    And I do agree that vampires may not live forever, but they have a chance at it if they can avoid the sun or beheading. I mean, the ones we know of from novels that may actually exist.

  2. Ed says:

    I was intrigued by your ad. I don’t claim to having ever met a real vampire, but the topic has always been fascinating to me. I’ve met psychics, who claim to “know” things. One guy successfully told me, years ago, what I was thinking of.
    I was at a schlock vampire play and went backstage to talk to some guy I recognized from the S&M circuit, and while talking to the guy, he yelled, “Kill him,” referring to me; some chick asked me if she could bite me. I made a hasty retreat from there. The guy was an obnoxious prick. I have not spoken with him since, although I have seen him on the weirdo circuit since.
    Speaking to a former priest, I was told by him, “The devil has a great advantage in that nobody believes that he exists.”

  3. Ray Nielsen says:

    I think that there are vampires out there and they do not show themselves. Because other people will call them freaks.

  4. Anonymous female says:

    I do like vampires but I’m not really the type of girl with the super vampire obsession. I didn’t really know if they existed or not but after what happened one year it was kinda creepy . One year, (about two years ago) I was in Virginia Beach,VA for this concert. I was walking along the shoreline at night before the beach officially closed. I was bored thinking about different things and Anne Rice’s character Lestat popped in my head because in a movie he was walking along the shoreline. I think it was Queen of The Damned, but that made me start wondering if vampires actually exist so I began taunting for something to come out, not loud enough for anyone to hear it was no one around anyway, but I just wanted to make sure. I mean if there are immortal vampires with really good hearing than they can hear me talking right? So anyway, I didn’t hear or feel nothing around me so I did it again. That’s when suddenly I felt something behind me whch made me stop in place and make sure I wasn’t just hearing things. When I looked nothing was there, so I turned back to keep walking but standing right in front of me was this guy, he came out of nowhere and it creeped me out because I definitely would’ve saw and heard him approaching me where I was. He was fully dressed, looked like he was about between the ages of18-23 (i was 19 at the time) had to be about 5’10 brownish hair, pale-like olive skin ( i think), and I’m not sure exactly what color eyes because it was dark. But he just stared at me for a minute and I did the same because I didn’t know what this guy was doing. I wanted to run or walk away, because my body had this weird intuition feeling telling me that something was wrong, or Im in danger, or I need to get away very quickly, but I couldn’t stop staring at him at all. Then he said “hello , you were looking for someone.” I said no, forgetting about the whole vampire thing. He smirked and said “are you sure?” I’m like yeah I’m sure and I walked around him and watched my back just in case he tried to grab me or anything in that order, but when I turned back to where he was, he was gone and nowhere around. So I really got scared and hurried off the beach.
    I’m not sure if he was a vampire or of it was just coincidence with a creepy person, but that made me think about the whole vampire thing. Maybe they are real after all. Maybe. I mean there is truth to the myth somehow.

  5. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Glad you made it off the beach to tell the tale. Not sure what it was you encountered, but definitely sounds off the beaten path. I am still of the mind that there is much we don’t know about on this planet.

  6. Bloody Whore says:

    I have always been into dark things. I do not consider myself a vampire, and, at one time, I was not sure whether I believed in them or not. This is why I went to a performance of a theater for vampires in the early 1990s. The actors who played vampires were just actors, but there were vampires in the audience and the writer, who was in attendance, was most definitely a vampire. Although when my friends asked him, he denied it and did not at all dress or look like a vampire, when he spoke to me, I definitely felt vampiric energies emanating from him. I felt entranced when making eye contact, even though he did not stare. He simply spoke, usually making jokes. I went to his vampire shows for several years and after the shows when I could bring up the courage to speak to him, he made me feel very different. I would have given him my blood if he asked. One of my friends did, I think, but she had a very sketchy memory of it afterward. She became even more of a regular in attendance than I was. One of the shows was a vampire ritual and I felt drained afterwards and drawn back in such a way it felt absolutely overpowering.

  7. I have always felt that if vampires exist that they would be “social” creatures, and establish places where they could safely mix with “mortals” who are interested in things vampiric — what better place to find easy willing victims? Though at that point, I think using the term victim becomes inaccurate, as the relationship would be more symbiotic, akin to a sado-masochistic exchange… It is the ability of the contemporary image of the vampire to blend in that fascinates me.

  8. anonymous male says:

    I was looking around your site and I remember the ads from the late 80s and 90s. They ran in the Village Voice and the New York PRess. They were put there by a vampire named Tony. I know this because he lured my girlfriend to him. Fiance. Messed her up quite a bit. She didn’t believe in vampires either, but she did after she met him. She left me and became involved in the vampire scene. Now she beleives she is a vampire. She begain to take blood, to drink it. She used a lancet to drain it. I tried it with her a few times, but I just couldn’t get into it as much as she did. We did not stay together because of this. I will always blame him for it.

  9. liza says:

    I remember seeing this ad. saying “are you a vampire” I called and wound up going to a show called vampire theater – because i am not a vampire , and when i got there I didn’t think the actors were vampires , but i talked to the writer , i was convinced he was a vampire. I lost time after talking to him, and felt drained. i noticed a bite on my neck .That wasn’t there before..even months later i felt as if i was being pulled toward something not sure what..

  10. ela says:

    I have not had any contact with anything described above but i strongly believe in vampires! I wish I could meet one!
    but there is so many different believes of what vampires are, so how would u define the word vampire?

  11. Lindsey says:

    I was maybe five when I met a vampire for the first time, and that was just the first of many that would cross my path. Something about me just draws them in to me. I’m never scared of them when I see them. Many of my friends and even a ex’s has tried to get me to leave them alone. But I just have to find out how old they are and get a name. So far I have met 21 vampires and I’m only 26. I hope to meet more in my life time.

  12. Sarah says:

    I’ve always found myself to believe in things that others seem skeptical to believe. I might be gullable or maybe I’m one step ahead. Anyhow, I was going through random profiles on this website and I came across this one boy. He wasn’t insanely attractive but something dragged me to him. I messaged him and he was the mysterious kind but eventually he opened up to me and told me all these things. His energy is from mostly sex and blood that he forces out from people. His eyes turn from a dark brown (with blue lining) to a deep red every once in a while. His teeth grew in like fangs, long and sharp. He doesn’t die in sunlight but he doesn’t seem to like it much. His skin is fair but can be very pale when he doesn’t eat much. He won’t tell me where he was originally born because he has bit of a funny accent. But overall I count this friend of mine as an encounter with a vampire

  13. Tattoo Jesus says:

    I have always been intrigued by the concept of vampires. I can’t say that I really believe but the story’s that have been told in the past might have stemmed from a truth being exaggerated through the years. Being a Tattoo artist in NYC I have met some interesting characters who believe they were vampires. However I believe they were just smoking some good shit. If there are any vampires out here today that has lived for a couple centuries , I would love the chance to meet one maybe 2. Their minds would be perfect to probe. The knowledge that they possess will be priceless. I myself can entertain the idea of being turned can’t you.

  14. Servy says:

    I was at Pouch Boy Scout Camp one day with my troop when a bat came flying toward me in the field. Before it landed I watched it as it turned into a man in a black tuxedo. He was not hostile but I knew that he was the legendary prince of darkness, Dracula.

  15. Sash says:

    i’ve never met a vampire although i’ve always believed in them. I grew up loving the idea of something that can live throughout history. I believe anything is possible, my mom is a fortune teller and most of the women in my family have some type of power or talent. If anyone has any knowledge of how to encounter a vampire please contact me. It would mean the world to me.

  16. ivy says:

    The sensation of been sucked from ur core to your skin, leaving with the tingle sensation in your body, and if you are an unwaked vampire, this will the moment you would know if you are one of then. I’m sorry we don’t grow fangs to take energy nor changed the colors of our eyes. I’m a regular girl with olive skin color, brown eyes, and not friendly at all,but as a good vampire I know how to manipulate a situation and get the precious energy from anybody. People out there are in love with the romantic-goth look, but to be a vampire is totally diferent scene.

  17. Don Dante Della Morte` says:

    I am a Vampyre, but not what you would expect from the average fiction notion. We are real and are we out there. I will only speak for myself and not my community. We hide in plain sight because of ignorance and lack of understanding not becacuse of how we live or that society dubs how we live as wrong or as impossible. You must have an open mind and a true need to understand; otherwise it would be a waste of time for any of us to try and educate the small minded. We do not have fangs, we do not die in the sunlight, religous icons and/or spices do not harm us. We are an enlightened being with the same needs and wants as the rest of you. We eat just as you do but we feed differently; that is to say we gain our true substanace not through the food we eat but through the energy we absorb. Think upon that for a while and let us see just how serious and open minded one could be.

  18. Sean Gough says:

    I think i know a vampire, itll sound stupid because she can walk in the daylight, she rarely does and shes always very tired when shes outside during day………at night she seems fine, almost elated but shes actually a pretty decent person…..i dont think she has ever attacked me or anyone i know and sucked us dry but you always get a bad feeling when your around her, like uneasiness……just thought id share

  19. daniel says:

    Its happen when I was 13 years old. Now I am 42 but still remember every thing.
    My name is Daniel I grew up in a small town. My best friend David and me always
    want to go a hunted house which is near ours houses but never have balls to get there.
    David live next door and I always go his house for play but his maid always scare me.
    Her eyes some times get red. I told David that she must be witch. He doesn’t believe me. So I told him we should check her room during her absent.
    His maid was lived with them but some times she goes back to her town on Sunday.
    One Sunday night David told me I should come his house at late at night so we can check her room. I went there he took me to her room. As soon as we open room
    a black cat jump on us. We run out. I asked is she has a cat??? He said no..
    We got so scare David told me to stay with him till morning. I have no choise I stayed and we run to bed and try to sleep but can’t sleep at all. I was thinking that the cat will
    eat us during night. However, I don’t know when I fall asleep. I woke up when I can’t breath there was a lot of smoke in the room. I saw David was sleep walking and he is going out. I try to wake him up but he was just walking out side. I follow him .
    He was going towards hunted house. I thought i should tell his parents but I was scare that they will asked me .. what you doing at night in our home..
    So I just follow him,,, I keep yelling David but he wasn’t listening.
    I saw hunted house has a lot of candle and I saw a lot of shadows of peoples
    As soon as David reached near main door. Door open by itself
    I hide behind the windows and saw inside a lot of naked men and women
    flying in the room. One old women was only sitting. When I try to see who is she
    its was David maid. As soon as David went inside he goes direct to his maid
    She was speaking in some strange language. She start praying and suddenly
    her teeth grew longer and then she bite David neck. As soon as blood starts flowing
    all naked men and women jump on David … Now David was yelling
    His yell wake me up I just run without looking back and go back to my home.
    Next day when I woke up I thought that it must be my dream.
    However, David mom come to our house and asking me about him.
    I want to tell her but I just can’t. Later they call cops
    Cop later come to school and gave his number told us that no need to scare if
    you know some thing please call.. we won’t tell any one.
    After school I call him from phone booth and tell that his maid with help of her friend kill him in the hunted house.
    Cops checked and question her but nothing. House was empty there wasn’t any sign for murder or blood.
    David parents believe he run away or kidnap. I only know the real story.
    After this incident her maid run away. Police went to check her old town but people told cops that this name women never live there…..

  20. Teddy says:

    I know you, Terence Taylor are looking for believers in vampires to fuel the realism in your stories. I have read your first book and I think it is brilliant in entertaining readers of vampire fiction but also unwittingly presents itself as a guide to the vampire underground. I will give it to you straight because I know it: Vampires are real. Over the past year and a half, I have encountered people whom I am I certain are vampires because of the following physical and behavioral characteristics that I describe: Razor sharp teeth, claw-like fingernails, dead black great white shark eyes, raspy voices, pale skin, a loud screach for communication and above all they only come out at night. I would prefer not to mention anything else, but I admire that you agree with the argument in your stories by not completely focusing on one vampire when there are hundreds of thousands of them worldwide lying in wait. My name is Teddy Conklin. I am a resident of Sag Harbor, New York. If anyone reading this believes in what I do or has seen similar phenomena is out there, please contact me. My email is I will be in the American Hotel every Saturday at 12 noon. If there is anyone out there who will listen, please know this:

    They are out there, and always have been.

  21. Swan says:

    Ever since I was a child I’ve had an affinity for vampires- to the point where my mother & father couldn’t understand why there young son would love them so much – I didn’t understand either; I still don’t…in art class I would always draw them; even now internally I beg; invite a Real Vampire to find me; make me what they are…to be a vampire I would give anything at all for such a thing…anything; everything to be an immortal un-dead vampire. To be free from the frailties of humanity…please…

  22. Scarlet says:

    My dears you all have free will true vampires will not take that away simply on princable and my dear Tony is not a vampire and did not get a women hooked on blood pure gossip is un called for especially among grown adults .. But beware we are there and listening

  23. Sancky says:

    I donot think that vampire live with us

  24. Katy says:

    I would love for such things to exist, but they don’t. It’s time to get real people and grow the heck up. Not only is it ridiculous to think that such a being should exist; but physically impossible for someone to live forever. Even if thier body stayed in the same age state, over time it would begin to petrify. And the reason the myths go back so far is because they are baseed on lifes earliest canibals. As well as how early royality would some times bathe in the blood of virgins based on the belief that it would grant them imortality. It obviously didn’t otherwise those same royal indivisuals would not be dead!

  25. katy says:

    If there are real vampires out there I’d like to meet one. I have always been fascinated with the supernatural world, because the normal world just has no place for me. I have litterally stumbled through life without any grasp on purpose or reason for acceptance. And if another world with them exist that is where I belong, and always have.

  26. Brian says:

    I def believe in vampires. I actually have met what i believe to be one. It was a few years ago and i had just started a new job. I was there about 3 weeks. I was out at a bar one nite with some people from work. We were there for about an hour when i noticed this beautiful woman come into the bar. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She walked by me and i felt this eerie chill. I went outside to smoke and felt that eerie feeling again. I also felt that someone was watching me. I looked down for one second and when i looked up she was standing in front of me. I was mesmerized by her. We talked and she was very charming and polite. We ended up talking for a few hours. She then asked me to go back to her apartment. It was weird it was rite near a cemetary. I had never seen or recognized it. So we go upstairs and when i got in apartment i got this very uneasy feeling. I told her i dont feel very comfortable. She talked me into coming in she was very persuasive. She told me to make a drink and she would be right out. So i went into the kitchen to make a drink. There were only these crystal looking bottles with red liquid in them. So i poured it and when i sipped it it definiately didnt taste like anything id ever had before. I spit it out in the sink. I went to tell her that she had some rotten liquid and when i stepped into the bedroom what i saw ill never forget. All the windows were blacked out there were red lights and she was dressed in all black with a cape on. There was no bed it was a coffin in there. And when i looked into her eyes they were red. When i saw that i ran the hell out of there. I told a friend of mine what happened and we went back to check it out and there was no one there the place was empty. Then i learned a few days later from somebody that place had been abandoned for years and it was gonna be torn down the following day. I have chills now just thinking about it. I def think they exist. Havent had an encounter since then thank god. Hopefully i never will again. Thank u for allowing me to tell u my story.

  27. Heather says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that could be considered a vampiric experience but who knows, right? I believe there is a lot we don’t know about the world and that anything is possible. It makes sense that something akin to vampires exist or will exist at some point because of the outrageous human population and the need for some control of it (could work, right?). I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of the supernatural, especially vampires. Love the books and I hope the third one comes out soon!

  28. Thanks so much, Heather! I’ve been sidetracked by another book, but have the third ready to dive back into this winter. It’s called PAST LIFE…set in 2028, an election year without an election. Tom O’Bedlam has been busy, and Christopher has found a way to beat the devil as he summons Joie and his twin daughters home from hiding in Shanghai with Turner…oh yeah, it’s gonna be fun.

    As to the rest — as Fats Waller used to say, “One never knows, do one?”

  29. Nicholas says:

    Vampires have really made their way into the media circuit these days haven’t they? Back in my day when you heard the term ‘Vampire’ you immediately thought of Bela Lugosi or Nosferatu. Nowadays, we got kids convinced they are Vampires, not to mention the dozens upon dozens of modern movies and television shows based upon them. So much so, that I’ve frankly grown to hate them. My daughter is in love with them, and she recently got hooked on those ‘Twilight’ books. I sit there and listen to her countless rambles about Edward or Jake. It is both humorous and tiresome but I sit there and smile.

    Now on to the more serious part of my story. Although I have aged quite a bit in my recent years, I will never forget my friendship with what I still believe to this day was a Vampire. Yes, you heard me. I was once friends with a supposed Vampire. I could not believe it at first, and for years I thought nothing of the friendship, but now that Vampire fanaticism has spread its way through modern times I can’t help but wonder and reflect at the old times. I was about maybe 14 or 15 years old, barely a teenager. I remember sitting in class when Mrs. Nelson announced the arrival of a new student. It wasn’t a big surprise, we often had transfer students in the middle of the year, and although everybody had always made a big deal about a new kid, I never saw the point.

    It was a rather dreary day as I recall. I remember sitting there, doodling in my notebook when I heard someone sit down in the empty seat next to mine. I had completely zoned out at the mention of a new student and when I finally looked at the new person next to me I remember freezing for a split second. My entire mind went blank and my eyes would not move. She was a beautiful girl, even now I can’t recall anyone so striking (Except for my wife of course.) She had very dark brown hair, almost black. And she had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I noticed a multitude of other students looking back at her as well, I still remember the distinct sound of a pencil dropping (Might have been just a coincidence). She was very pale, more so than myself. But boy was she a sweetheart.

    After weeks of planning, I finally managed to talk to her. I had purposely hidden my pencil and asked her if I could borrow one. I wish I had kept it too…
    At lunch, I remember her sitting on the far end of the table, and me and a couple friends went over to give her a “warm welcome” as we called it. She was very soft spoken, but nice. Over time, my friends invited her for some hangouts and I was surprised when she said “Yes”. But one thing always stuck in my mind when we had asked her: She would always ask, “Will it be after 7?” No one had questioned her….I mean it may have been just another coincidence; maybe her mother was strict with those things? Who knows. But she became a welcome part of our group. She didn’t talk much, but that was fine with us, we just liked being around her. She only stayed in town for 2 years, and near the end of the 2nd year me and her shared a special relationship together if you could say so. We began to talk to each other more, and we hanged out more frequently. Then, one night, at the bowling alley, she told me she was moving away. I remember her giving me a kiss right on the cheek, and boy did it feel wonderful. As she had said, the next day, she had left. Just like that. She was a mystery none of us or I could solve.

    It wasn’t until the past few years that I had begun to notice and realize why she was so mysterious, why she was the way she was, I began to pick out details from my past and now that I take a better look, the coincidence is striking. She almost NEVER came to school on completely cloudless days. Her attendance was more frequent during the Fall and Winter months. Her eyes were literally enchanting, they were a very deep blue, and under her eyes were dark circles which made her stand out even more from the class. She only hung out with us on early evenings, for example, from 7-9. Then she hurriedly left. Her manners were VERY decent, she ate very proper and she always said “Please” and “Thanks”. Her presence when she entered any room was a “mysterious vibe”, a creepily dark one, and even I could never tell what she was thinking or feeling. Her emotions were well hidden. Don’t get me wrong, maybe these are just surprising coincidences, maybe she grew up in a well-mannered home. Maybe all the animals that always seemed to be drawn to her was also just a coincidence.

    I’m not going to assume she wasn’t human. She did eat lunch, although very little. She laughed and she acted like everyone else. But something about her really struck a nerve. I never really tell much of anyone about her. It was a more personal memory and experience. I believed I had befriended a Vampire. This is pure speculation. I never saw her drink blood, I never saw her burst into flames or fly or whatever these modern vampires do. She dressed rather normally. Her name was a bit strange but it was unique, her name was Nasya. I’m not sure if that’s how it was spelled but it went something like that. (Old Man memory). I have tried to locate this woman (or girl), but no records that I could recall came up. It saddens me indeed.

    Well that was my supposed Vampire Tale.

  30. michaela says:

    yes, vampires are definitly real. but they can’t live forever, noone can. they’re just long-lived like us, that’s all. they’ll all die one day.

  31. MariahA says:

    Vampires I believe are real. I’ve had the privilege of having encountered one. Like the shore story above, I was discussing the existence of vampires before I saw him. I do not want to go into detail but it wasn’t just one time. 4 events happened that night with same guy and my belief for them is strong. When you meet one, you’ll know it. The aura they give off will literally captivate you. Make you lose your train of thought, you’ll almost feel a pull towards them. After that night there is no doubt in my mind that they exist. Society forces us to believe they are fake and fictional, but there are beings greater than just our race. Remember that.

  32. veggie vamp says:

    I personally do not like the views of vampires in todays society. I for one am a vampire, I have been for over a hundred years. I look like I am 19 years old. I’m allowed to tell my story because my Governess is letting me tell how I became what I am. I started off on the streets of the beginning Chicago. At the time I was working on the railroad. It was a rough and tough experience to bare. I could say I was sick of the sun. I started to notice that I was getting sick everyday and my sick was turning translucent. I figured I was just being exposed to the smallpox. It was quite the common diseases. I was looking for help as anyone would. I came across this lovely lad in black. He took serious interest in my case. I thought he was just trying to help, but things got a little close. I was over at his place lying in his bed when he mounted himself on top of me. He kept getting closer…closer until BAM he was trying to give me a sevre hickey. Wait, it wasn’t a hickey he was a, VAMPIRE. I was taken by shock,but learned to cope with my conversion. Society has rejected me, but I have found a way out. If you want to know the secrets meet me in the back at the Bed Bath and Beyond I’ll share all my information. I reside in Toronto, Canada due to the fact it is always raining and no one is around. That young lad soon became my companion on journeys that would soon end to his death. Please meet me

  33. Mikayla says:

    I will tell you something. VAMPIRES DO NOT EXIST! Vampires were MADE UP by the Bram Stoker the author of Dracula. They are not real no matter how much I wish Edward Cullen and Bella Cullen were real.

  34. Diy Kits says:

    Vampires look interesting in TV serials or in movies. But the main question arises is that do they really exist? It’s merely a matter of perception that people make about the existence of vampires. Even if they exist for real, I have been lucky enough and never had an encounter with one and hope that it never happens.

  35. Sara says:

    If theres n e vampires out there pleasw come find me.i know u hear me calling out for you,i have nothing to lose but I have one thing to gain and thats to become one of you…ill do n e thing it takes,trust me n e thing to get away from this world…..i think im already vampire cuz daytime drives me nuts n I hate it,its so tireing n weak,but at nite I feel so damn good n energized n awake I feel like I could fly sumtimes I can run really fast n jump really high,wen I get cuts I cant help it to drink my blood.sumtimes during play biteing I wanna get vicious bout it n bite sum fingers off..vampire come find me it will so b worth ur time I promise……………… <3

  36. melissa says:

    i’ve ALWAYS been interested in vampires, physics, oujia bored’s (i have one) ect.. and i loved reading these comments. i have an open mind and i do believe in vampires ect.. but i wish i could meet one or have more proof that they were real? instead of thinking i’m crazy for believing sometimes .. but careful what you wish for i guess..

  37. Nicole says:

    I have never been in contact with a vampire but definitely would like to. I’ve always loved the idea of the original type of vampire not a twilight vampire. I would hopefully like to meet with one someday. I am currently living in Alaska and absolutely love the original vampires plus the great Dracula! Now that is my kind of vampire though I do not believe in some of the traits of a vampire like: turning to mist, changing into a bat, wolf, or rat, flying, no reflection etc. However I do believe in lots of the common original traits. If anyone has any information helpful to finding a vampire please leave a comment for me.

  38. Joyce says:

    Im Joyce 18 yrs old frm San antonio Zambales Phil,
    vocalist of a rock band,
    just want to find someone to talk about stuff like this..
    Hmm. i always dreamt of some scenes that will happen in the future but i dont mind it at all. when im outside im hearing bats near me, uncontrol and becoming very strong when im mad, curtain down when im home alone, quite in a group of people, got drained at times, no friends near at home, so called weirdo, eye color changes, developing fangs, Skinburns, reading auras, etc.
    I know somethings wrong and thats the closest thing. :(
    i once talked to someone who knows alot about extraordinary things till morning… best conv. Ever, what a relief. but i need to know more…. about what’s happening to me. :3
    p.s confuse

  39. Sharak says:

    The concept of all of this is fascinating, although i’m young (perhaps naive) and from a fairly rural area the topic of vampires fascinates me, an advanced mind and physical form are certainly unique. However i’m sure there are more negatives than people realize, hypothetically if you were a vampire and there were certain weaknesses, certain details regarding weakness… then it would be stupid to suggest that they were uncensored on the internet.
    Overall if there are vampires out there, i hope that they are at least smart enough to remain anonymous, however saying that “Anonymous female”s tale is intriguing to say the least, i hope i have a similar experience if vampires do certainly exist.

  40. I am a vampire and we live in the day but if we get to burnt then we dont die we get sun burn and it rillye hurts so stop talking about us or we will all come and find you and suck your blood so stop and when we suck your blood it rillye hurts and mind ma gramma i have never used one of these devices before so fuckof talking about us ore yu will not me a human for mutch longer.vampire out

  41. sara we dont need to come and find you because you are a vampire all you need to do is get somthing to hang upside down on and get rid of your bed and jump of surfeses and you will turn in to a bat one day and fly you are a good girl and make a good vampire.x

  42. Mara gerbino says:

    Hi- I’m a Witch-Vampyres are real.. Only the Intelectual humans that are advanced in ‘knowing’ ones truer self can establish a connection with Vampyers. Children do no visit these self proclaimed Vamps that note their where abouts on any thread in any media.. They are either pedophiles or killers. Vampyers are to remain a secret for they need human blood to survive- If we all turn- what will they eat then? If you wish to become a creature of the night it is in your destiny, not your desperate attempts. Witches controll the dead and the undead. What better being to be than this? I respect humans- I respect Vampyers- yet I am in complete awe of my own natural strength and power I feed off the earth in order to protect myself from any psyc feeding. You should all do the same! Visualize positive white light surrounding your bodies constantly. M x

  43. Adele Pardo says:

    It will be cool to be a Vampire. But where they live ? I think that Vampire exist but i dont have no info of them. yes on Net but i dont know if i believe Net so i think they live in virginie in Mystic Falls but i dont realy know can some one help me ? because i cant stop thinking . Please hlep me .

  44. Lana says:

    Well, I can tell you when I was 10 years I had a dream. There was a man in it whom I did not know. He knew me though and I knew he wasn’t like me even though I didn’t know what he was then. He had dark hair and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I by happy chance read a book in the library that had a vampire in it at about the age of 11. I immediately went back to that dream about the man. I knew then what he was. Then when I was about 14 or 15 I saw him, the real life him, walking down the street at night. My heart jumped, I knew I had to talk to him. I tried to follow him but lost him. This happened 2 more times that I saw him then I never saw him again. I still have dreams about him to this day and still think about him quite often, and he always has those eyes that I remember from childhood. He has not aged but his hair has gotten a little longer. I know whenever I dream about him I feel someone watching me and I will hear strange noises in the night. I always hope he’s still out there, 20 years from my first encounter with him my dream. Maybe a fantasm, maybe a vampire, maybe someone my mind created, who knows. But I have loved him all these years, like a long lost friend.

  45. bailey says:

    I’m just 16. but for some reason I feel like I know
    They are real and I can’t explain why I feel this way.
    I do find it fascinating but for some reason
    I feel like I’m different. I can stand next to someone
    and depending on their mood I feel what they are
    Feeling sometimes I don’t know why I am like I am
    And I wish I knew someone that could tell me
    And help me I’m different and I can’t explain why
    But I just have this feeling that vampires are there
    And I have a feeling I will meet one soon or one day
    And I don’t know why.

  46. dg says:

    I want to believe in vampires. I believe that if there are bumps in the night, voodoo, witchcraft, demons, angels, unexplainable beings from other planets, why not vampires. Because they are so obvious doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I don’t know if this is an experience, but I had a dream one night that I’ve never forgotten. I was totally aware in it, questioning what was going on, questioning the characters in my dream. Toward the end i was standing in a white room with a type of other world on the other side and three steps that lead to the round entrance way. At the top of the steps was a man with pale pale grey eyes, pale grey skin and a disheveled look about him, like he’d just woken up. He wore a dark tailored suit and was holding his hand to me, but I didn’t take it. I asked him what this place was. He looked away and into the world and said, “The saddest thing about your world is no one believes in us anymore.” I felt sad and watched him as he watched the world on the other side and woke up.
    I don’t know what it means, but I knew he was a vampire. Why would a dream say that? But this dream woke me up to wonder.

  47. Arklancer says:

    There is good reason why vampires wouldn’t reveal their existence.
    1) Religion (Holy) Purifications/Influence/Ignorance.
    2) Mass Global Panic
    3) Unseen evil force incursions they’re possibly familiar with.
    4) And simply, how could two races co-exist with one another if we can’t handle our own?

  48. Thatia says:

    I wasn’t actually believe in vampires but I do believe they’re strange things out there that we, as humans have yet to discover on mother earth, to add they have been strange encounters in certain areas of this,A few months ago I woke up with bite marks on my neck and arms also I could’nt remember anything that happened the night before, which was really strange and it continued from then until now.

  49. k says:

    Im not exactly a vampire but I act simular, I have super strength stamina endurance and ok speed I find blood tasty and I sometimes strongly crave it im super smart and mor alert and avake at night and I dont like the sun weary mutch, plus my dressing style is black on black I am weary intelligent have lightning reflexes and seem to be veary come with no expressions typically and I seem weary come and am quite handsome, its actually possible that I had a vampire as a ralative cause my family is one of the most anciant and wide spread in the contry dating back to back to who knows when so watch aot :-| = (yeah its hard to make a fang face with icons)

  50. Diane says:

    As many other people i like the though that vampires could exist. I find it fascinating and exciting. And as many people think, it would be fantastic to get turned into a vampire. Being beautiful, immortal and powerful.
    But if i think twice i actually dont really want to be a vampire, and i dont want to live among them.
    Im soon to be engaged, i want a family, to grow old, and i want a full life with lots of adventures.

    I have two definitions of vampires:

    1) Ordinary people who feed on blood, but otherwise are like us. People who has this vampirism fetish. The mortal vampire.

    2) The immortal vampire.

    I dont want to believe in vampires before i’ve had a clear proof that they exist, but i do not have a narrow mind.
    I can see a lot of ways they could hide or exist among us, and i do not think its impossible that they could exist.

    First of all I believe that if they existed they would be different of what we watch in movies. I think that when they bite they can do something (Maybe lick) the bite mark, so it disappears. I also think that when they feed they do not suck all the blood out of their victim, so they actually can take blood without us knowing.

    I’ve never met one, so i do not believe in vampires.

    But i’ve had experiences i can’t explain. A couple of times actually.

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